Textbook Rental coupon

Now, all the children are back to school.They are busy with their works,doing projects,submissions…I bought  all the textbooks for this entire semester for my kids.But, they are poking me to bring other author textbooks so that they can compare and better understand about the topic.Then I thought why can’t I rent textbooks for my kids for their usage.I have done the same thing.I have ordered textbooks on rent.Now,they are happy with their work & I’m happy with my budget.

Store Name : TextbookStop
Pennyful25 — $10 off when RENTING $100 or more worth of Textbooks– valid til Sept 30
Penny7– 7% OFFon entire order — valid till Sept 30th
Rental textbooks saves your money.
Rent textbooks from your selection of new and used books. Prefer to buy used textbooks – They have a large inventory of good textbooks.You can sell,buy,search according to your author,school,If you want money instantly they will purchase your used textbooks also…
Pennyful.com is providing 4.5% cash back on any purchase from this store…

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